I'm getting two books published!!!

I’ve been dreaming of this moment for years! When I got the call my car was stuck in a snowdrift in North Syracuse, Ariel was with me, and we both almost burst into tears, we were so happy:

Carnegie Mellon University Press will be publishing my book Glorious Veils of Diane! I’ve been reading their books since high school and I feel crazy honored! I feel especially thrilled because they want to see (and hopefully work with me on) future books!

Also! Southeast Missouri University Press will be publishing my book Inside Ball Lightning! The book was a two-time finalist for their contest, and I'm really grateful to them for now giving it a home!

With my whole floating heart I want to thank everyone who helped me, who offered their love and time and energy! Ariel Chu for being my first reader and amazing, talented partner and giving brilliant feedback on every draft I showed her. All my teachers, who kept expanding my ideas of what poetry could be, who sat with me for hours going over these manuscripts. All the journals that believed in these poems. My friends and cohort, for inspiring me with their talent and critique. My family, for never flagging in their support of my work.

I'm totally ecstatic and totally grateful to you all for all the myriad ways you have supported my life and work. With so much love, thank you!