Rainie Oet - Writer

Rainie Oet is a nonbinary writer

of things for people.

They appreciate you

being here.

[photo by Ariel Chu]

Praise for Rainie Oet's Writing



“The tender beauty Rainie Oet has wrought could catch you up and open you wide.” 
— Camille Dungy




“Rainie Oet has got ahold of something powerful and strange that might be ball lightning and might be a brush with infinity.”
Bruce Smith

“A poet to watch.”
— Ilya Kaminsky




“Rainie Oet’s poems are clear, memorable, frightening, funny and shed light on a lot of things: pain, intimacy, the texture of consciousness.”
— Eric Kaplan



“I kept thinking about Wallace Stevens’ comment, ‘The purpose of poetry is to contribute to man’s happiness.’ There’s no doubt Rainie is making their contributions.”
— Roy Giles